Have you had a killer toy idea in your head for years, but don’t have the know-how to make it a reality? Does the idea of it leave you awake at night with a gnawing, burning desire in your gut to turn your dream into a toy?
Well, after you’ve been to your doctor to rule out an ulcer, get your butt on over to the Origins Game Fair convention in Columbus, Ohio Thursday June 23rd and Saturday June 25th, because we’ve got the cure for what ails ya!

Joe DiDomenico, Art Director at Applehead Factory and the demented mind behind the Teddy Scares toy line, will discuss the “how to’s” of designing your very own toy! This guy knows his stuff and has mentored others through this process. Now he wants to give you his years and years of expertise… FOR FREE!!!

Still not motivated to come out and listen to this toy guru answer questions and offer insights into the making of the hit toy line Teddy Scares?  Well, he will also be giving away some awesome, scary swag!

Click here to get details about the show: http://www.originsgamefair.com/