Teddy Scares

Teddy Scares was Applehead Factory’s first foray into toy making.

Since our original small batch release in 2003, Teddy Scares has sold over 160,000 bears despite having to share a market filled with multimillion dollar, toy competitors. Our success has resulted in the creation of dozens of pieces of merchandise…all designed in-house!

Through Teddy Scares, Applehead Factory has proven we can create a product with international appeal. The bears’ popularity in Japan is so big; it has even spawned an independent toy line. The experience with Teddy Scares have also given us the opportunity to showcase, time and time again, our flexibility and speed, when tailor-making product for clients. Whether the number of units is 100 or 1,000,000, Applehead Factory’s ability to work with a client to get the perfect exclusive for their needs has always been one of the company’s greatest strengths.

Visit the official Teddy Scares site here: Teddy Scares Online

Click here to download the Teddy Scares 3D Animated Short or watch it below:

Teddy Scares (DAVE School Student Film)